2016 Presidential Race to Mobile Technology

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By gopal  |  Posted July 10, 2015

For those of you who paid close attention to the 2008 and 2012 elections, you might have noticed the appearance of mobile in campaign strategies. In 2012, front-runners Obama and Romney both used mobile to engage their voters.  Since the rate of smartphone-device ownership grows each year in the United States, it has become an aspect of voters’ lives that should not be avoided by presidential candidates. In fact, mobile can be a real strength to those who see its true value, and are able to turn this tool into an asset.

Mobile technology is not only a great way to inform and reach out to potential voters. It also gives candidates the opportunity to raise funds in a very casual and simple way, through text donations. If you look at figures from 2012, particularly from the Obama camp, the success and popularity of mobile giving is very clear. Since mobile fundraising allows individuals to donate smaller amounts, Obama was able to gather funds faster, and from more people. These donors are already equipped with mobile devices, which are more easily accessible than say- a checkbook.

“It seems like each election brings another innovation or piece of technology that candidates can use to reach the American people. We’ve gone from radio, to television, to internet and most recently social media. These have been platforms that candidates have leveraged to set themselves apart. Now that Grandma is on Instagram, being clever on social media or having a ‘social media’ strategy is par for the course”

This article points out the various ways in which Mobile can be used in 2016, and how it will likely play out for candidates who use it as a medium for campaigning – and those who don’t. The rise of mobile technology and social media has definitely changed the playing field for the 2016 elections, which will be very interesting to watch as it develops.

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