Mobile Engagement Tools to Win the Race

Connect with your supporters through text messaging and mobile fundraising to get your candidate elected.
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Fast-Track Your Campaign with

Win by Cell’s technology capitalizes on the ease and accessibility of mobile devices to help political organizations engage with supporters and widen their donor base, no matter the geographical limitations.

Two Mobile Platforms to Support Your Platform


Our premier and easy-to-use service, Mobile Donate is the simplest and most direct fundraising tool to reach your audience. A simple text message is all it takes!

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With a 97% open rate, text messaging is the easiest way to keep in constant communication with your donors, volunteers, and voters.

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Why Mobilize Your Political Campaign?

The Buzz About Political Mobile Fundraising

“Mobile is going to be the big thing. It is what any sophisticated campaign will be trying to figure out and then maximize — and all the campaigns from both parties will be in a race to see who can figure out the tools to best lever the power of mobile.”

— Dylan Byers, Politico.

“‘I suspect what we’ll see is where mobile becomes a standard facet of how people interact with and get news about what’s happening in the political process.'”

— Tanzina Vega, CNN.

“Given the power of online interactions, readying candidates’ digital strategies will certainly be an integral component of earning votes that win the White House.”

— USTelecom Media.