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With 81% of Americans owning a smartphone, mobile technology is a powerful and effective way to promote your campaign, bring in more dollars, and widen your supporter base. 

Win by Cell’s mobile technology helps political campaigns of any size maximize their reach with constituents through an easy-to-use platform that can be implemented in minutes.

Connect to More Supporters with

With a 96% open rate, there’s no better way to reach your supporters than text messaging. Schedule texts in advance and share links to your donation page.

  • Easily manage communication with voters, donors and volunteers through an unlimited number of contact lists — you can even segment based on location
  • Use two-way text messaging to gather accurate numbers for voter ID calls without the need for volunteers, going door-to-door or robo-calling
  • Schedule and send text alert for fundraising deadlines, upcoming rallies, reminders to vote, links to news or event information
  • Grant access to the platform to an unlimited number of admins

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Maximize Your Fundraising Impact with

Supporters can donate at any time or place by texting in a keyword or scanning a QR code to receive a link to a mobile credit card donation form. All organizations worldwide qualify for Mobile Donate and there are no eligibility requirements or donation limitations. We work with the following merchant processors: PayPal Pro, WePay, Sage,, First Data, Square, Stripe and CyberSource.

  • Capture contributions in an instant at rallies, while canvassing, or at organized events
  • Gather donor information for follow-up donor appeals
  • Promote your keyword on campaign collateral, print media, signage, and more 
  • Link directly to your donation form on your website or in social media campaigns
  •  Add on a fully-customizable Fundraising Thermometer that tracks real-time donations

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